Idea Athletic garments are as special as our customers so we recommend following these simple instructions to prolong the life of your garment.

Cold wash

A cold wash is the best way to prevent your garment from fading or colours possibly running. It will also help to prevent garment shrinkage.

Turn inside out before washing

We recommend washing your garment inside out and on its own. If washing individually is not an option, then please place in a washing bag. By turning the garment inside out it will ensure that the invisiSweat component of the piece is thoroughly cleaned.

Don’t wait to wash

Washing your garment immediately after use is the best way to ensure that sweaty odours don’t linger.

No bleach & no softeners please

Please do not use either. Bleach will ruin the colour the garment and fabric softener can ruin the elasticity of your garment.

Avoid tumble drying

The heat from a dryer will affect the performance of the garment and change the fit. If you absolutely have to use a tumble dryer, do so on low with minimal to no heat. However, we don’t recommend this unless absolutely necessary.

Don’t iron me

The direct heat from an iron may ruin both the fabric and function of the garment. Please do not iron.

Lay or hang to dry

We recommend laying flat or hanging to dry away from direct sunlight in a well ventilated place. Due to our unique invisiSweat lining the drying process for Idea Athletic garments may take a little longer.